Ep: 38 - Martina Brimmer & Morgan Taylor - Swift Campout

Our guests this episode extend an open invite to you to go bike camping on June 23rd!

Martina Brimmer is the master problem-solver and punk rock aficionado behind the Seattle Washington based Swift Industries. In addition to the daily business of making great bike bags and apparel, Martina's experience at cooperative bike shops in college provided invaluable perspective on the magic of the community that forms around bikes.  Morgan Taylor is a life-long bike fan from his early days riding freestyle BMX and North Shore mountain biking in his native Vancouver transitioning to adventure based bike camping and exploring. Morgan's role at Swift is to be the heart and soul behind the Swift Campout event - connecting people with others and fueling the bike camping stoke.

Don't get hung up on not having the fanciest gear, the nicest bike, or even knowing all the bike jargon. Just throw your gear in a basket or backpack and register on Swiftcampout.com to either find a route that others are riding near you or register your own route. At that point, all that is left to do is take a little bike ride with new friends! It's that easy. You can make the trip as short, as scenic, or as weird as you want. You can travel by paved road to a campground or you can navigate a mountain pass to a remote camp site. Put your pin on the map, let others know that you are participating by using #swiftcampout and have fun!

Other topics mentioned or discussed: Friends on Bikes, Prescott College, Adventure Cycling, Warm Showers, WTF Bike Explorers, Path less Pedaled, Grant Petersen.

Ep: 37 - David Gabrys - Teravail Tires & 45NRTH

"Tires Made to Master Your Terrain"

If you've ever experienced the frustration of a mid-ride flat, then you'll appreciate all the engineering and testing that goes into Teravail Tires. David Gabrys and team take each tire from  fledgling concept to prototype and then put them through the rigors of field and bench testing, making 100% sure they are competent and reliable before releasing them into the wild. As we learned, there is an awful lot that goes into making a tire ready for mass production, and a lot of thought is put into the intended use of a tire model to make sure the casing, sidewall construction, rubber compounds and tread pattern are optimized for the target terrain.

Teravail specializes in gravel road, all-road and off-road tires in many of today's popular sizes. The fact that their 700c Cannonball tire only comes in 35mm, 38mm and 42mm sizes gives you an idea of the kind of riding Teravail tailors their models for. They also carry 650b, 27.5, 26 and 29 offerings, so they have something for everyone. Keep an eye out for additional sizes to be added to the current models in August 2018, and for new models to be launched in early 2019.  

It takes a village of really smart people to dream-up, concept, design, manufacture and test each Teravail Tire, so you can rest assured that by the time it meets your rim, it is ready for any gravel road, class IV road or singletrack you can throw at it.

You can keep up with Teravail on IG: @teravail or on FB: https://www.facebook.com/TeravailTires/ and make sure to say hi to David and check out his photography on IG at: @45nrth.david

Other topics discussed: Dirty Kanza, Salsa Cycles, Surly Bikes, Quality Bike Products, 45NRTH

Ep: 36 - Lily Williams & Bryan Hance - Bike Index

We always get really excited when we talk to good people doing great work that benefits all bicyclists. Bike Index is the perfect example of a simple and all-inclusive program that everyone can use.  All you have to do is register, enter your bike's serial number and upload a few pictures. Then if your bike ever gets stolen, you login and flag it so others in your area know to be on the lookout. Bike Index is directly responsible for 4,600 recovered bicycles over the years, which is an incredible accomplishment by any measure.

Lily Williams and Bryan Hance checked in with us to share the Bike Index story, all the way back from when co-founders; Bryan (then running the Stolen Bike Registry) connected with Seth Herr who had a vision and kickstarter support to launch a bicycle registry through the success that they're experiencing today. Bike Index now has over 160,000 registered bikes, they recently launched an Ambassador Program, and they also offer integration services to dovetail bike registration with the software you're using at your bike shop, workplace, campus or town. They also have innumerable crazy tales of bikes recovered, such as one that was found after 10 years, a bike recovered in the back of a stolen Porsche, and even an individual in Seattle that has a knack for recovering stolen bikes.

We encourage everyone to go to Bike Index.org and register their bikes today. Then, once you get done telling your friends and LBS to do the same, show a little love and appreciation for their mission by hitting the donate button.

Other Topics Discussed: Oprah, Bike Repo Batman, Chicago Cyclocross, Hagens Berman Supermint,

Ep: 35 - Tim Potter - Ride of Silence

To honor bicyclists killed by motorists,
promote sharing the road,
and provide awareness of bicycling safety.

That is what the people behind the Ride of Silence have been doing for the last 16 years, by organizing silent, no-drop, rides of remembrance across the world. Tim Potter, (the super-volunteer behind the website), joins us to explain the origins of the Ride of Silence and why it is such a powerful reflective experience.

To support the good work that Ride of Silence is doing, you can start by participating in your local ride (or by organizing one if there isn't one already) and by donating to their cause. By participating you'll help shine a light on road safety for all users and you'll increase your connection with your immediate community.  We all benefit from safer roads, so let's spread the word.

Other Topics Discussed: Richard Tom Foundation, League of American Bicyclists, White Rock Lake, TX, and Vision Zero.