October 11 - What Vermont Needs & Rock Art Brewery Humble Harvester IPA

This is a slower part of the bike season here, so The Gau Bros take an hour away from leaf peeping this week to bring you the short list of what Vermont needs. Yes, it needs more castles, but that is not what this discussion is about, this is about bike related needs. We talk a little about we'd create if we could wave a magic wand and make any changes we wanted.

You've got goals, I've got goals, and Chain has Chicken Wing Goals. What the heck is that you ask? Why dontcha tune in and we'll tell ya!

Show note links: Check out the awesome work being done by Salvation Farms. Following up on last week's podcast, Bike Flight is an organization that makes shipping your bike a snap.

Beer of the Week: Rock Art Brewery - Humble Harvester IPA