April 12 - Cycling Challenges, Bike Magic and Robinsons - Trooper

BTH hits the internet with a vengence, new website, new email and a new iTunes feed!

News & Events: Fellowship of the Wheel "Fun" raiser dance party, Millstone Trails Assoc is a new VMBA chapter, Gravel Grinder call to action and the winner of last week's water bottle give-a-way was....?

Discussion: Bicycling challenges like Way To Go Week, National Bike Challenge, Strava and 30 Days of Biking, are they successful at getting you to ride? BTH talks about elements of bicycling challenges that they like and some that they don't.

For this week's studio beers, the Gau Bros go metal and enjoy some Iron Maiden, Trooper made by the Robinson Family Brewery in Cheshire England. Enjoy!