April 26 - Bicycle Friendly Communities & Businesses, Otter Creek Backseat Berner IPA

The Muddy Onion gravel road race was well attended this year, maybe because people caught wind that Chain was flipping burgers.

Next weekend is bike swap weekend in the Green Mountains! If you've got bikes to sell/buy hit up The Alpine Shop, Earl's, Ski Rack, or Onion River Sports to find that dream bike you've been wanting to add to your quiver.

The Vermont Agency of Transportation is holding a public meeting to gather input for the On-Road Bicycling Plan, on Thursday April 30th from 6-8pm. To participate, you can attend at your nearest Vermont Interactive Technologies location, or if you just want to listen, you can grab your laptop and your snuggie and watch from your recliner!

We've all heard of the League of American Bicyclists, Bicycle Friendly America program. The fellas discuss what makes a community, workplace or business bicycle friendly. There are all kinds of amenities, infrastructure and services that encourage people to ride bikes, BTH talks a bit about what they look for in terms of friendliness.

Beer of the Week: Otter Creek Brewing - Backseat Berner IPA