May 10 - Dynamo Hubs & 21st Amendment - Brew Free or Die IPA

Who's got two thumbs and rides Klunkers? Chain does! Dude got klunking on the local MTB trails this week and got the saw out to clear some blow downs out of another local trail network.

Today marks the halfway point through the Way To Go Week, a challenge designed to get employees to reduce their carbon footprint as they commute. Spread the word and get your employer to sign up for Way to Go Week, not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you'll get perma-grin from riding your bike!

Bike Recycle Vermont is having a Bike Jam this Saturday. Head on down, help them fix up some bikes, share some laughs and support their rad mission.

Dy-Na-Mo! BTH got a request from a listener to discuss dynamo hubs. We shed some light on the various dynamo manufacturers, generator hub basics and some more creative uses for a dynamo if you are touring/commuting.

Beer of the Week: 21st Amendment Brewery - Brew Free or Die