May 17 - Bikepacking & Victory Brewing - Golden Monkey

Summer is almost here, which means two things; 1) Chain will be kicking it poolside in his one-piece bathing suit and 2) it's time to get bikepacking! In this episode, BTH covers all things bikepacking from bikes to routes to gear. As we record, Wil Blanchard a member of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association's Bike Packers Chapter is riding the 280 mile Canada-to-Massachusetts bikepacking route.

It's Open Season! The Island Line Bike Ferry will begin running again this week, so hop on your bike and get on over to the Island Line Trail for some scenic riding.

The guys participated in Local Motion's Breakfast: Better By Bike event last Friday, and had a great time doing it. Tip of the cap to Capitol Grounds for participating and for providing  coffee, scones and outdoor seating to our sweaty asses.

Beer of the Week: Victory Brewing - Golden Monkey