May 24 - Bike Goals & Lagunitas IPA

While rummaging through the BTH fire and bomb proof safe, looking for our Chili Davis baseball cards, we found a written list of goals that we created circa 2011. We revisit our 2011 goals, talk about our successes and failures, and set new goals for 2015.

The Millstone Grind is being held on May 31st (a lot earlier than years past). If you're into racing in a great trail system without breaking the bank, go to and git yer grind on!

Do you like bikes? Do you like to party? Then we have an event recommendation for you! The Burlington Bike Party, is a themed group ride held the last Friday of every month, and it's just about all the fun you can handle.  This week's theme is "Light Up The Night."

Ben's Bridgestone RB-T hit a critical point this week. Things are breaking at an astounding rate (pedals, cable housings, paint), leaving Ben to contemplate rehabing the RB-T versus buying a new commuter.

Beer of the Week: Lagunitas - India Pale Ale