May 31 - Bicycle Owners Manuals & Good Life Brewing Descender IPA

The weather in Vermont has been primo lately, so Ben and Chain have been logging miles (and smiles) on the mountain bikes, each getting out to spend some quality time at Kingdom Trails.

In the news reel, VMBA is holding its annual Trail Builders Clinic next weekend, Ski Rack and Mountain Moxie are collaborating to host Women's Bike Night, National Trails Day is approaching and we encourage you to pull yourself away from the Strolling of the Heifers to partake in Tour de Heifer.

The discussion this week centers on those pieces of paper the bike shop sends you home not the bank loans for your new carbon cross bike, the owner's manual! Are owner's manuals full of useful information, are they fit only as beer coasters or is does the truth fall somewhere in between? Chain and Ben discuss a few reasons to at least read your manual but better yet, save it for future reference. Stay tuned all the way to the very end!

Beer of the Week: Good Life Brewing - Descender IPA