June 14 - Craigslist Stories & Rockart Ridgerunner

Craigslist is not just a place for scammers or people trying to sell garden gnomes. You can find some useful bikes on Craigslist and this week we talk a little bit about some of our notable bike related Craigslist interactions and some of the interesting people we've met along the way.  Chain also recommends you search the Best-Of-Craigslist listings for classic bike posts like Oh my god. Oh. My. God. and Stately Dutch MILF Magnet. Guaranteed entertainment. 

Ben talks about some roadside repairs he helped fellow cyclists out with this week to keep them on two wheels and Chain talks about getting back to his roots and cruising around town on the klunker leaving nothing but broken hearts and skid marks.

NEMBAfest 2015 is cranking our way this weekend. Get out to the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont for some festivities.

Beer of the Week: Rockart - Ridgerunner