June 21 - Innovative Technology & Baxter Brewing Co., Lonely Goatherd.

We are at a place in the industry today where it is hard to imagine a way to improve bicycling technology. The frames, the materials, the drivetrains, the forks and shocks are all lightyears ahead of where they were even a few years ago. We're here to tell you there is room for improvement. Bicycle companies will continue to push the envelope and compete with each other for the next best thing. In this episode we key in on a few items that could either fall by the wayside or revolutionize the bicycling industry.

After a weekend of festivals, weddings and riding bikes, we had to drag a weary Chain Stayley into the bird's nest to record. His tank was near empty, but he pushed through. That is what you call a pro.

Event Quick Hits: Cross Vermont Trail is having a big ride to raise funds for their summer bridge project, Burlington Bike Party goes country western and McDonald's drive-through caters to bicyclists (in Denmark).

Beer of the Week: High on the hills lived a lonely goatherd, and then we drank it. Baxter Brewing Co - The Lonely Goatherd.