June 28 - Dream Bikes Re-do & Water?!

Our computer chose to take a nap instead of recording the podcast last night (it's tough to find good help these days), which means that you all miss out on Chain spontaneously belting out an oldies song in the middle of the recording. I know, we're sorry too. But, we weren't going to let that stop us, we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and got right back behind the...microphones to record the show - again.

Dream bikes is the the topic du jour for this Independence Day episode. We dive into what kind of rides we're going to build once Chain fulfills his dream of marrying Oprah and money is no object. The sky is the limit!

Tons of Green Mountain goodies going on this week: Save Our Sidewinder fundraiser collaboration between Kingdom Trails and the Vermont Land Trust to conserve 133 acres of prime riding. Mad River Riders have organized Spindependence Day on Sunday July 5th which consists of rides, beer, bbq and games all to raise money for the club. Lastly, Outdoor Gear Exchange and Alison Zimmer are both hosting weekly rides which you ought to check out. Summer is short, live it up!

Beer of the Week: Water.