July 12 - First of More S24O & Hop Valley 541 American Lager

Along with the long-winded weeksauce segment we have a new format for you fine feathered folks out there. We took our newly acquired digital recorder on a sub-twenty-four-hour-overnight trip we took this week. This equipment allows us to branch out and get interviews, other opinions on the podcast, and sounds of Chain skidding his klunker. What's a klunker you may ask? This.
 Just a brief history, there is a movie out you may want to look into, here. 

Hop Valley 541 American Lager has our vocal chords lubed up this week. You can find them in Eugene, OR, or on the  Worldwide Information SuperNet.  Hop Valley also has a restaurant where you can enjoy the golden deliciousness. Chain will have the hot wings and the jukebox hero, medium well, side order of the Alphadelic IPA. Ben wants the Meatloaf as it is his favorite recording artist.