July 19 - Internal Hubs, Bucket Panniers & Long Trail Brewing Co. Double Bag

Bros are back with the brand new edition... and tales of group rides, test drives, bike builds and roadside repairs.

All you bike part junkies make sure to check out the Bizzare Bazaar, which promises to be the best bike parts flea market you've seen in a long time.

As mentioned in the internally geared hub discussion, there are a number of gear ratio calculators for you to use, here are a couple to test drive: Sheldon "Gain Ratio" BrownBike Calc.com, Bicycle Gears Calculator. All the cool kids are riding internal hubs.

Lastly, if YOU are interested in building your very own kitty litter panniers, buy this kit and you will not be disappointed.

Beer of the Week: Long Trail Double Bag