February 28 - NAHBS, Super News & Events & 14th Star Valor Ale

Chain just got back from his 4-plus week soul searching mission learning to spatchcock chicken in Tibet, which means the Gau Bros are back behind the microphones!

Have you ever wanted to look at pictures that are approved by the podcast? Well, you are in luck, we just opened an Instagram account and you can find us at bthpodcast. Lots of good grill bike updates and other delicious tidbits coming at you there, so follow us!

Other shit you might be interested in: Frozen Onion, and Mad River Riders St. Fatty's Day and 2016 National Bike Summit & Women's Forum. We also talk a bit about some goodies from the 2016 North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) shared by NAHBS and Drunkcyclist.com's Instagram feed.

Beer of the week - 14th Star Valor Ale