Ep:02 - Onion River Sports Tribute with Tristan, Ryan and Jamie

As many of you know, one of the signature sporting good retailers in the central Vermont community closed it's doors on December 17th, 2017. Over the years, Onion River Sports touched many lives, held hundreds of events and supplied gear for countless adventures. Whether it was the Flying Onion 5k, the wildly popular Muddy Onion spring ride, the annual bike swap, snowshoe treks in Hubbard park, or myriad other events, ORS has been encouraging people to get outside and get active for over 40 years. We caught up with Tristan von Duntz, Ryan Leclerc, and Jamie Stewart, former employees of Onion River Sports to talk about the closure, their lasting memories of the shop and the hole that it's closure leaves in the community.