Ep: 11 - Todd Farr - Farr Frameworks

The quest for frame building nirvana continues this episode as we catch up with Todd Farr of Farr Frameworks. Aside from building incredible lugged and fillet brazed bicycle frames, Todd has taken interest in helping to make frame building more accessible for others. To that end, he's used his knowledge and experience as an engineer for the greater good and has designed a number of modifications and add-ons to Bringheli frame jigs to make them more precise, faster to setup and easier to use. Additionally, he's made a Butt Checker (you read that right) and has made slight improvements to the internals of the classic lug vise to make it more versatile and save time during the build process. Check back in later this month when the next round of fork jigs will be available for sale. You can check out what Todd is up to at: @farr__frameworks (<--two underscores!)