Ep: 15 - Scott Krawitz & Tom Gomes - Beardman Bicycles

We caught up with two of the hardest working guys in the bicycle frame building industry. Scott and Tom from Beardman Bicycles work full-time jobs and still manage to find time to build bomber utilitarian bikes. I am convinced that neither of these guys slept an ounce over the show weekend (although Scott may or may not have nodded off during our interview a couple times...)

The show bike that they built up for NAHBS this year featured wide tires and a custom front cargo rack so when you get done dusting some singletrack you can pick up dinner for the family on the way home. This bike looked so fun, that I contemplated breaking the convention's "no bike riding" policy just to take it for a spin. They deny that the Dunkin' Donuts color scheme was intentional, but is only fitting given Beardman's Massachusetts roots.

It's always a pleasure to meet really cool people, with interesting backgrounds that are building rad bikes. Thanks for chatting fellas!