Ep: 17 - Jen Green from Jen Green Headbadges & Kacey Lloyd and Glyn Phillips from KaGey Caps

Custom headbadges and stem caps are the heart and soul of a bike. They offer a chance to convey your humor, your artwork and your personality. During the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Hartford, we caught up with two companies making the finest custom headbadges and stem caps to talk about themselves and their artwork. Their pieces were featured on many of the bikes showing at NAHBS. See photos of their collaborations on our Instagram page.

Thanks to Jen, Kacey and Glyn for hanging out with us at NAHBS. Please check out all the awesome stuff these folks are making at:
Jen Green: website - www.headbadges.com, Instagram - @jengreenheadbadges
Kacey & Glyn: Instagram - @Kageycaps