Ep: 23 - Randi & Eric - Randi Jo Fabrications

Randi Jo Fabrications is a small three person shop out of Elkton, OR making amazing bike bags, caps, saddle covers and aprons. Randi & Eric were kind enough to join us to talk about their waxed canvas and wool products and to share a little bit about their bike story. Anyone who has taken a bikepacking trip or bike tour knows the importance of having things handy while riding. The Bartender, Pocket Tender and Jeff 'n Joan's are options to stash food, wallet, water, camera, sunglasses, or whatever you need access to on the fly. Be it the cross country trip they took after college, the fact that Randi didn't have a license until her early 30's or the upcoming family camping-by-bike trips they are planning, one thing is evident - these are bike people!

You can find Randi Jo Fabrications products (like the shop apron!) on their website at randijofab.com, or through a number of other retailers worldwide such as Rivendell, Circles and Sim Works. You can give also them a follow on Instagram @randijofab.

Shout out to Randi's dad Jeff for being my h-bar riding, snickers bar eating blood brother from the West Coast!