Ep: 24 - Aimee Ross - IMBA

There is an Uprising happening in Arkansas this weekend. Aimee Ross, the Brand & Events Director over at the Intergalactic...uh we mean International Mountain Bike Association stops by to tell us about the Uprising women's mountain bike event. Indirectly, through a website overhaul IMBA realized that there was a significant population of women riders that were coming to the website that were not being well served. After a thorough revamping of the website, Aimee has set out to make the resources page more useful by making the wide range of information easily accessible so women can find anything from local trail riding groups to grant funding opportunities and everything in between.

The Uprising is an IMBA hosted event happening March 22-25 in Bentonville, Arksansas geared towards building a stronger community of women mountain bikers. The weekend will be based upon four main pillars: Build, Learn, Ride, Engage.  The goal is that no matter what your background or your level of riding experience, you will be able to find a comfortable environment to learn about the IMBA mission and to provide IMBA with some feedback on how they can be better stewards to women builders and riders going forward. Oh and of course, there will be riding as well! The weekend sounds like a total blast.

Other topics discussed: singletrack "sidewalk", Nat Ross Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, BMX, Crank Brothers, ZOIC.