Ep: 26 - Ben Castaneda - Gates Carbon Drive

Gates Carbon Drive is a great example of a company that is bringing a cargo bike load of engineering expertise to the bicycle component industry. Drawing experience from applications in all kinds of industrial engines and motorcycles, the Gates Carbon Drive system packs a lot of punch into an unassuming package. We managed to drag Ben Castaneda away from working 10-plus hour days in a basement storage room cubicle to give us an overview of the belt-drive system. All-in-all it seems like a superbly well thought out drivetrain that solves or diminishes many of the longstanding problems of bicycling in harsh environments (we include lack of maintenance by lazy bike owners in the harsh environment category - guilty!). We are super stoked to hear Ben's take on the equipment and are excited to try it out ourselves. 

You can check out more about Gates Carbon Drive on their website: www.gatescarbondrive.com and on Instagram: @carbondrive

Other topics mentioned in this episode: @LandRun100 held by District Bicycles