Ep: 18 - Dave Dean - Sinewave Cycles

Let there be light (and power)! If you've ever logged long hours riding in the dark, you understand the importance of a good lighting system. Dave from Sinewave Cycles has created a line of innovative products to help bicyclists see in the dark and keep their equipment charged up. From USB chargers to the new Beacon headlight, there are a number of products to provide you lighting and charging flexibility for your ride - whether that is a night time mountain bike ride with your buddies or a 3 month trek in a foreign country. Dave has used his experience as a bicycle tourer and his knowledge as an electrical engineer to design a few nice features into the Beacon - such as being able to run primarily off dynamo hub power, but with a simultaneous battery input as well so your light never loses strength even if you slow down or stop moving. A great solution to night mountain biking where you may not always be riding fast enough to power a head light. 

Check out Dave and the range of made in the U.S.A. electrical solutions offered by Sinewave Cycles at their website: https://www.sinewavecycles.com/