Ep: 29 - Adam Sklar - Sklar Bikes

Adam Sklar from the Bozeman Montana based Sklar Bikes joins us this episode to talk about his building process and the people that helped and inspired him to create such a successful frame building business. Sklar bikes has carved out a name for itself by cranking out utilitarian steel and titanium bikes that are most at home in the dirt and are easily spotted by the signature arched top tube. We have a feeling that Sklar Bikes is just getting rolling and we're excited to see what awesome comes next.

To see a couple of examples of the incredible bikes Adam makes, you can check out a short write up of the Ultra Nutmegger which won an award from Columbus and the recent prototype single-pivot full suspension mountain bike he made for himself.

Check out the gallery or place your deposit at www.sklarbikes.com and make sure to follow @sklarbikes on Instagram. 

Other topics discussed: Carl Strong of Strong Frames, Tom Jungst (@tomjungst) and Rick Hunter of Hunter Cycles.